this site is a web’xperiment-in-progress, an incomplete an/archive, a virtual play/fool strolling process and could be used as my “passagenwerk”, my “mnemosyne atlas” or my “gesamtkunstwerk”…

here you can find some disordered fragments of/on my art, life and times.

[ if you wish just to watch some of my video works or intros online, then you have tofollow this link: ]

[please follow the precise links if you wish more infos about me as

the videoFlâneu® 


the artwertease® ]

the info/circles are posted and will be posted without a plan, coincidental and at irregular intervals. sometimes they are presenting a work, sometimes an exhibition, sometimes a biographical information, a friend or something else (however the most recent circle will be always automatically on the top left side).

if you wish to have a quick impression about me and my universe you just have to stroll with your mouse through the circles. if you wish to stroll through older posts please click the button “older posts” at the bottom of the homepage.

if you wish to create an order (categorical, chronological, geographical etc.) just click  the “+” button at the bottom of the homepage and choose a “category” or a “tag” or just use the search engine.

if you wish to stay informed about my newest works, shows, thoughts, strollings etc.  just click first the “+” button at the bottom of the homepage and choose the “follow” button.

thanks for your time, feelings and thoughts in advance,

i wish you a creative time!

konstantinos-antonios goutos

am ortenbergsteg 1, d-35039 marburg

+49 1520 51 33 257    +49 1763 48 77 173


(december 2014)

ps: websites linked from this website have been carefully checked.

despite this, the author of this site is unable to accept any responsipility

for the content of external websites


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